May 25, 2022

Mining pool MineXMR controls 44% of hashrate

Mining pool MineXMR controls 44% of hashrate

Monero's network mining pool, MineXMR, currently controls 44% of the cryptocurrency's hash rate, which some consider it risky for network security.

MineXMR, the largest Monero mining pool,relatively close to controlling more than half of the network's hashing power. If he reaches this level, he can theoretically perform a 51% attack.

Some supporters of the Monero network have expressed concern about the situation, citing concerns that such a concentration of MineXMR mining resources could lead to control of the network.

Part of the community has demanded that the miners on the network allocate their hash power to other pools that have a total of half the hashrate.

However, control over 51% of the power does not necessarily lead to an attack or interference with the network.

It should be borne in mind that this is a mining pool.It is almost impossible to organize all the miners for an attack. There will be those who refuse and move to another pool to avoid further damage to Monero and users.

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