November 29, 2023

Mining graphics card memory, how to determine and choose the best

Mining graphics card memory, how to determine and choose the best

Experienced miners know that the efficiency of a graphics adapter in mining depends not only on the model.Manufacturers of gpu devices are not involvedthe production of memory chips, and buy it from third-party manufacturers. But how to find out what kind of memory on the video card, if only its type is indicated in the characteristic, for example, GDDR5.

For toys and office work this is enoughenough, but not for mining. Memory chips from different manufacturers do not withstand the load during overclocking equally, and the productivity of mining many crypto coins directly depends on the parametermemory clock. How to find out the manufacturer of gpu memory, we will now tell you.

Checking the characteristics of the video card on a PC

You can see the type of video card memory and get acquainted with its general characteristics in the device manager or in the screen settings. You can enter the device manager through the control panel.

Mining graphics card memory, how to determine and choose the best

  • Click on the Windows icon in the lower left corner of the screen or press the corresponding button on the keyboard and open the Utilities tab.
  • Open one by one:Control Panel / Equipment and Sound / Device Manager / Video Adaptersand all installed video cards will be displayed in front of you.
  • Double-click the name of the selected device with the left mouse button to view its characteristics and gain access to the controls.

Mining graphics card memory, how to determine and choose the best


The same window can be opened using the “Screen Settings” option.

  • Right-click the manipulator on the background image and select the options tab in the pop-up window.
  • When the following window appears, click on the line “Graphics Properties"And you will see the parameters of the video card and monitor, here you can see general information.
  • In the tab "Adapter"Click"The properties»And a window with detailed specifications will appear.

Mining graphics card memory, how to determine and choose the best


Using any of these methods, you will recognize the typeGPU, video memory, and a lot of other information, but the supplier of GDDR chips is still unknown. You can declassify it by installing additional software.

Install GPU-Z

GPU-Zis an auxiliary computer program,designed to display information about the technical characteristics of a graphics card on a computer screen. By installing it in OS Windows, the user can use this information to optimize the operation or diagnose problems with the graphics processor.

Mining graphics card memory, how to determine and choose the best


The program is available for download on the official website

The GPU-Z utility can:

  • Support AMD, NVIDIA and Intel cards.
  • Display the full set of characteristics of the displayed device.
  • Work with video card sensors and display indicators in real time.

After installationGPU-Z.2.7.0_eng.exea program window will appear with an open tab“Graphics Card”, where you can see the parameters of the video accelerator. The memory manufacturer is indicated in the Memory Type column. In addition, the utility has tabs: “Sensors” and “Validation”. In the upper right corner there are buttons for settings and taking screenshots. The GPU-Z program can switch between mining rig cards, showing information about each device.

Going to the tab "Sensors»You will see the indicators of sensors

  • Memory frequency.
  • Core frequency.
  • Device temperature.
  • The speed of rotation of the cooler.

Tab "Validation»Is intended to get a personal identifier. On the menu "General" can choose:

  • Language prompts.
  • Launch parameters.
  • Program update options.

Tab "Setting»Allows you to adjust the number of active sensors. In the window "ASIC Quality»You can compare the characteristics of your card with other video adapters of this level. GPU-Z is free and suitable for any version of Windows.

An alternative way to find out the manufacturer of video memory chips.

  • Download and run the program as administratorATIWinflash. Download link
  • Select a map and click the Save button to save the Bios.
  • Download the programSRBPolarisV3-Int. Link to the developer's page
  • Run SRBPolaris.exe
  • Click the Open Bios button in the upper right corner and select the bios file you just saved. room.

Video memory information is available in the Info tab, in the Mempory Type column.

Search by serial number

A bit more about suppliers. GDDR chips are produced by 4 companies:

  • Samsung
  • Hunix.
  • Micron
  • Elpida

Graphics adapters with memory have proven themselves to be the best in miningSamsung. They hold the load well and the coldest.

Devices with memoryHunixThey provide decent hashrate, but are less stable and get hotter.

Video accelerators with memory installedMicronThey accelerate poorly and are very hot, however, there are exceptions. Especially often on forums there are complaints aboutElpida, although in terms of hashrate, cards with this memory can overtake both Hyunix and Samsung.

Important!In most cases, you can find out Mempory TypeOnly after placing the card in your computer, such checks are not carried out in the store. But, the memory supplier of some AMD GPU models is determined by the serial number.

Memory Type AMD RX 470, 480, 570, 580

Mining graphics card memory, how to determine and choose the best


For video cards of these models manufactured at Sapphire factories, there is a certain pattern between the serial and the type of memory.

AMD Sapphire RX 470 and RX 480 have serial numbers:

  • Hynix:A1630, A1637, A1640, A1648, A1715, A1718, A1721
  • Samsung:A1636, A1639, A1644, A1645, A1647, A1650, A1700, A1706
  • Elpida:A1637, A1638, A1641, A1643, A1712
  • Micron:A1610, A1701, A1702, A1707

AMD Sapphire RX 570/580:

  • Hynix:A1714
  • Micron:A1718

For video cards assembled at other factories thisthe rule does not apply. But, you can contact the technical support department of the manufacturer whose video card you are planning to buy with a question about the type of memory. Specialists of the Russian department of Sapphire Technology communicate with clients through the social network VKontakte, link


Navi Series Graphics Cards Come with MemorySamsung, at least, is what everyone who really tested them claims. GDDR5X chips for the GTX 1080 Ti are released only by Micron. The memory of this supplier can often be found on ASUS cards, but Gigabyte prefers Hunix or Samsung chips. Before buying, read the reviews on the map on thematic forums.

You can’t be 100% sure that you’ll getjust such a manufacturer GDDR. However, this does not mean at all that, having bought an Elpid memory card for mining, you signed yourself a sentence. Of course, there is a difference in the number of hashes and the stability of work between video cards with different types of memory, but nevertheless, it is not so huge as to panic and run back to the store. Problems can occur with any video card and you must learn how to correctly and efficiently fix them. Have a good mining!