December 1, 2022

Mining company Hut 8 acquired 9 data centers from Bitfury Group

Canadian mining company Hut 8 acquires Bitfury Group from software and hardware developer 9 Blockbox AC data centers totaling $ 7 million

So hut 8 is completely donetraining of its mining center in the Canadian Drumheller and now it is ready for operation. The CEO of the mining company, Andrew Kiguel (Andrew Kiguel) noted:

“With this acquisition, Hut 8 is nowfully owns the company in Drumheller This will help reduce operating costs. Funds for expansion were allocated from the balance sheet of the company, which remains at a fairly high level, even after spending $ 7 million on data centers. ”

The company said that through this deal itwill be able to increase its own computing power by 16%. Now Hut 8 has two full-fledged mining sites in Canada, which operate on the basis of 94 BlockBox AC data centers with a capacity of 110 MW and 963 PX / s. At the same time, the purchased data centers are equipped with Bitfury Clarke ASIC chips with a total capacity of 12.6 PX / s.

Recall that, according to the last quarterlyHut 8 report, the company earned $ 26.7 million for the third quarter of 2019. Excluding interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, the company's profit was $ 14.7 million.