March 8, 2021

Mining center to be built at Ukrainian nuclear power plant

Mining center to be built at Ukrainian nuclear power plant

A Ukrainian company is building a state-owned mining center at the Rivne nuclear power plant.

Tender for construction of the country's first state center forbitcoin mining was won by "Kiev Energy Construction Company". She offered to build a project for 8.92 million hryvnia. Its competitor, Ukrenergobudproekt, assessed the implementation of the contract at UAH 5,600 more and lost the tender.

The agreement will be signed shortly. The project is financed from funds from the sale of electricity generated by the nuclear power plant.

The first stage of the project involves the developmentdesign and construction documentation for a data processing center, where it is planned to place state registers, electronic archives and computing power.

The new solution should provide an additional inflow of funds and proper load on the power units. The department plans to create a network of data centers, the source of electricity for which will be nuclear power plants.

Bitfury Holding BV is the partner in providing technological solutions. According to her calculations, the capacity of the first data center will be 250 MW with the possibility of increasing to 500 MW.

The project should be completed by the end of August 2022.

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