June 14, 2021

Millionaire Mark Cuban rejected criticism of the cryptocurrency

The oncoming TV "Shark Tank" pacified former SEC veteran John Pied Stark as "absolutely unbreakable in a cryptocurrency." Kuban said that the cryptocurrency will continue to have a positive impact on business to a greater extent than the regulator.

Payne Stark stated that neither bitcoin nor any other cryptocurrency has any benefits:

“Incredible unbelievableness, and also (that manypeople miss) bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency does not bring any benefit. The only reason people own it is that there is a need for a post that will ensure the purchase of other people. "

The speed with which the billionaire has transformed from a skeptic into a defender of a cryptocurrency is hitting. Back in December, he affirmed that banans are more useful than bitcoins, because there are potassium in them.

Now he sees many options for using a cryptocurrency:

“Transfer of money. Retrieving digital files.Effective layout for digital content. Personal banking. Forecast Markets. Unfractioned banking. Structured financial products. Fractionation of assets. Play awards ".

The XRP army has also been spotted in the battle with the regulator due to the SEC's prosecution against Ripple.

A large community for everything to fightwith the Commission on Securities and Birzh - from submission of tweets with perturbed comments to holding a special offer near its stock-quarter in Washington.