December 11, 2023

MicroStrategy invested about $ 489 million in bitcoin

MicroStrategy today reported the results of its recent round of Bitcoin purchases to be added toown reserves.

Earlier this month, MicroStrategy announced the collection of$ 500 million by placing bonds with maturity until 2028. The company reportedly received applications for $ 1.6 billion, so it was able to easily reach its funding goal.

After deducting expenses, MicroStrategy invested inbitcoin is about $ 489 million with an average price of $ 37,617 per coin. Thus, she managed to acquire another 13,005 BTC. The quoted price is in line with the levels at which Bitcoin was trading at the end of last week. Since that time, the cryptocurrency has continued to decline and at the time of publication is quoted at about $ 32,400, showing only a short-term positive reaction to the MicroStrategy message.

"As of June 21, 2021 MicroStrategyholds 105,085 bitcoins in total, which she spent about $ 2.741 billion to buy at an average price of $ 26,080 per bitcoin, ”the press release said.

According to the terms of the last placementthe bonds bought on the basis of its results are bitcoins used to secure debt. At the same time, 92,079 BTC, which the company acquired from the middle of last year until this moment, were transferred to the custody of the MacroStrategy LLC division.

Earlier it became known that MicroStrategy may sell its own shares for another $ 1 billion, including with the aim of attracting additional funds for investing in bitcoin.