December 11, 2023

MicroStrategy has invested over $ 1 billion in bitcoin

The company announced the completion of the last stage of the purchase of the first cryptocurrency, now it owns almost70.5 thousand bitcoins.

MicroStrategy has completed its Bitcoin purchase atin accordance with its policy of allocating reserve assets. The company invested $ 650 million raised from investors in 29,646 BTC at an average of $ 21,925 per coin, including all expenses, including commissions.

As of December 21, 2020MicroStrategy owns 70,470 bitcoins, spending $ 1.125 billion on the purchase at an average price of $ 15,964 per bitcoin. The $ 650 million raised in December was raised through the sale of convertible bonds with a maturity of five years. Prior to that, the company invested $ 475 million in cryptocurrency from its own reserves.

“The acquisition of additional bitcoins confirms our confidence in bitcoin as the most widespread cryptocurrency and reliable store of value,” said Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy.

Formerly hedge fund One River Asset ManagementTogether with co-founder of Brevan Howard Asset Management, billionaire Alan Howard, acquired over $ 600 million of bitcoins.The One River Digital Asset Management Fund, launched in October specifically for investment in cryptocurrencies, plans to increase the volume of assets in bitcoins and ethers to $ 1 billion by early 2021 ...

On the night of December 21, bitcoin updated its historicalthe maximum value at around $ 24.3 thousand. Then the price of the first cryptocurrency dropped, as of December 22, 09:30 Moscow time, it is $ 22.8 thousand, over the past day, the decline was 4.6%.