December 8, 2023

MicroStrategy CEO advises Mike Tyson to invest in bitcoin

Michael Saylor responded on Twitter to an ex-boxer who asked his followers what they preferred: the firstcryptocurrency or Ethereum.

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Sailoradvised Mike Tyson to invest in bitcoin. So the head of the company commented on the post of the ex-boxer on Twitter, in which he asked his subscribers what they prefer: Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Sailor explained that he wasted thinking aboutthis question "more than a thousand hours" and eventually chose bitcoin. The CEO of MicroStrategy added that he bought $ 2.9 billion worth of bitcoins because he sees the coin as the future of digital property.

MicroStrategy is the largest cryptocurrency holderamong companies whose shares are traded on the stock market. The company last bought 13,000 bitcoins for about $ 489 million on June 21st. MicroStrategy currently owns 105,000 digital coins.