February 1, 2023

Microsoft researchers discovered the infection of 80,000 devices with the hidden miner Dexphot

Microsoft Defender ATP Research Group Talks About New Hidden Mining Malware cryptocurrencies that already infected about 80,000 computers.

Microsoft Security Analystsfound that a hidden miner called Dexphot had already infected about 80,000 devices since October 2018, peaking in June this year.

Malicious code reportedly capturescontrol over system processes to hide his work, and his ultimate goal is to launch a cryptocurrency miner on an infected device. When a user tries to remove malware, monitoring services and scheduled tasks trigger reinfection. A Microsoft report says:

“Dexphot is not the type of attack thatattracts media attention. This is one of the countless malicious campaigns that always exist. The virus pursues one of the most popular goals of cybercriminals - the installation of a hidden cryptocurrency miner that imperceptibly swallows computer resources and generates income for attackers. ”

ESET recently working incybersecurity, reported that criminals use the YouTube video service to spread the miner virus for the hidden mining of the Monero cryptocurrency. Recall that in September it became known about the discovery of a new virus-miner Skidmap for the Linux operating system.