Jul 3, 2022

Microsoft patents vibrating carpet for virtual reality

Microsoft patents vibrating carpet for virtual reality

Microsoft has filed a patent application for carpet, which will help avoid collisions with furniture while in virtual reality.

Development assumes that future consolesXbox will receive support for VR technology, and high-tech flooring will complement this ecosystem. Although now some systems can warn users about approaching the border of a safe playing space, but this does not always help to avoid a collision with surrounding objects, which leads to injuries or their destruction.

Therefore, Microsoft plans to create a carpet withbuilt-in tags that the VR headset will scan to identify and configure the safe zone. There are also pressure sensors and landmarks for the starting position, which you need to stand before diving into the virtual world. In addition, the company believes that the coating will be able to provide tactile feedback through vibration.

As some users may experienceIf there is a lack of free square meters of living space, then a prefabricated option is considered, consisting of separate floor tiles that can be fastened together. This will allow you to adjust the coating to individual conditions.

Microsoft patents vibrating carpet for virtual reality

Although the patent application is not a confirmationthat Microsoft is creating such a carpet or will release the next Xbox model with VR support, but indicates a new direction for the company's development department.

In addition to tactile sensations, future VR headsets will allow you to feel the wind, fog, rain, as well as various smells.