March 4, 2024

Microsoft has discovered a new crypto jacking software

Microsoft has discovered a new crypto jacking software

Microsoft security engineers have discovered a new strain of malware that infects computers underrunning Windows since October 2018 and seizing their resources for cryptocurrency mining.

Malicious software called Dexphot,peaked in June this year, capturing nearly 80,000 computers. Since then, the number of daily infections has been gradually decreasing. According to Microsoft, this is due to the fact that the company began to take measures to improve the detection and termination of the virus.

Microsoft says Dexphot is sophisticated and sophisticated. Once downloaded to a computer, Dexphot quietly uses part of its computing power for cryptojacking.  

It is noteworthy that a running crypto miner initiates re-infection of the system when trying to remove it.

One of the methods of masking the virus – Socalled polymorphism – permanently changes the trace of malware on your computer and helps hide it from antivirus software. This makes Dexphot extremely difficult to detect.

As previously reported, this year Unit 42 discovered new malware – CookieMiner – which steals cryptocurrency from Mac computers.