May 28, 2023

Michael Saylor: "Bitcoin Miners Are Lowering Other Citizens' Electricity Bills"

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Michael Saylor: "Bitcoin Miners Are Lowering Other Citizens' Electricity Bills"

The founder of MicroStrategy spoke out in defense of bitcoin miners, saying that their activities do not pollute the environment, but reduce citizens' electricity bills.

Senator Elizabeth WarrenApril chided the miners, saying they are increasing electricity bills for millions of American families and enriching the heads of cryptocurrency projects. According to the parliamentarian, miners cause the same damage to the environment as 3.5 million gas-powered cars.

Former MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor(Michael Saylor) answered Warren in the comments. trying to refute her claim. Cryptocurrency miners act as data centers and use excess electricity that would be wasted, the businessman insists. At the same time, miners perform an important function, ensuring the operation of the most secure computer network in the world, claims a bitcoin enthusiast.

Saylor recently revealed that he has integrated the Lightning Network into his corporate email address and is now receiving 21 Satoshi from users.

Last year, the founder of MicroStrategy spokeagainst a two-year moratorium on the launch of new mining farms in the state of New York, calling the actions of lawmakers senseless and damaging the state's economy.