July 31, 2021

Mexican lawmakers plan to legalize bitcoin payments

Mexican lawmakers plan to legalize bitcoin payments

One senator said, "We plan to spearhead the transition to cryptocurrencies and fintech in Mexico."

Senator Mexico's federal government Eduardo Murat Hinojosa is preparing a bill aimed at the official adoption of cryptocurrencies in the country.

Today he changed his Twitter avatar to a photo with “laser eyes”. He wrote that he will "promote and propose a legal framework for cryptocurrencies in Mexico."

Hinojosa is not the only legislator to have expressed support for cryptocurrencies. Senator Indira Kempis Martinez has also added glowing eyes to her profile photo and is helping Hinojosa prepare the bill.

Despite the fact that many people in Mexico supportbitcoin, the country's authorities have repeatedly stated that cartels are actively using cryptocurrencies for illegal purposes. Last year, the head of the Mexican Cyber ​​Crime Unit said law enforcement agencies lack the resources to prevent money laundering in the use of cryptocurrencies.

Recall that the government of El Salvador passed a bill that legalized payments in bitcoin in the country.

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