September 19, 2021

Mexican retail giant Grupo Elektra to add bitcoin payments

As the owner of the company Pikardo Kalinac Pliego wrote on Twitter, the Mexican retail and banking corporation of Grupo Elektra will provide support for bitcoin payments with the help of the Lightning Network solution.


“We will have this very soon in the Elektra chain of stores. #Bitcoin #Lightning Network "

In the words of the billionaire, the new payment function will appear in Electra stores "very soon".

Third in the list of the richest people of Mexico cThe state of $ 15.4 billion, Kalinac Pliego has been considered a bitcoin handler for a long time. In November last year, he announced the investment of 10% of his portfolio in the largest cryptocurrency.

Recently, a business man wrote on Twitter that in the near future his bank Banco Azteca will become the first Mexican creditor who will start accepting bitcoins.

Over the past year, a major decision forThe Lightning Network has gained a lot of growth in the bitcoin network, and this process does not stop. A large cocet Tweetter tests the tea function based on this technology.