January 28, 2021

Mexica will be forced to release a digital sand

The Central Bank of Mexico (known in the country as Banxico) can issue the digital currency of the Central Bank (CBDC). And according to the opinion financial expert, this will be a forced measure.

The senior economist of Citigroup in Mexico Serhio Kurchin believes that the release of foreign state digital currencies will literally force the Central Bank to take measures quickly.

If it seems that it is easier to carry out transactions with them, then the digital version of the sand will appear in the "medium-term or long-term performance".

“One of the reasons why the central banksaccelerated their work over the CBDC in the last two years, it turns out that ... thanks to the cryptocurrencies, in particular, bitcoin, the Facebook Libra project (perfectly fine Diem)

It is reasonable, central banks are requiredto respond to innovative solutions, not wanting to admit that private currencies drove out the state. The main reason is that they are not subject to regulation.

At the same time, the economist CitiBanamex has declared that the release of a digital pad may have both advantages, as well as disadvantages, as well as delays in this need.