August 8, 2022

Meta tester complains about "sexual harassment" in the metaverse

Meta tester complains about "sexual harassment" in the metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg's metaverse is becoming more and more like real life with similar problems. The beta tester claims that she experienced humiliating sexual harassment while working with the Meta platform.

Meta's Horizon Worlds launched this week in the US and Canada, giving users the ability to spend time in an animated virtual world with real-life avatars.

One of the girls - testers reported not very pleasant impressions from the virtual space. She said that her avatar was “fooled by” a stranger without her permission.

Sexual harassment exists on the internet, but it feels much more real in VR. They didn’t just touch me, but there were also those who supported this behavior ”.

Vivek Sharma, VP of Horizon at Metaexpressed regret for the unpleasant incident. He believes that the tester should have used the Horizon security tool to block the impudent stranger. An internal check agreed with this, suggesting that she could activate the Safe Zone and enclose her avatar in a protective bubble to protect herself from the impudent user. This experience prompted developers to think about new ways to protect users from harassment.

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