April 17, 2021

Messenger Signal started testing crypto payments

Privacy-focused Messenger Signal has dedicated resources to testing internal payments in cryptocurrency, according to the founder of the information service Platformer Casey Newton.

Signal has experimented with the MobileCoin token, developed by messenger creator Moxie Marlinspike, Newton said. In 2018, the project team received $ 30 million from the Binance bitcoin exchange.

The interlocutors suggested that the integration of the token would attract the attention of regulators to the platform and interest unscrupulous users. Marlinspike called the MobileCoin work "research."

“If we really decided to add cryptocurrency payments to Signal, we would try to think it over carefully,” said the creator of the platform.

However, ex-employees told Newton that the company is actively developing the necessary protocols to integrate MobileCoin.

Signal grew its user base in January 2021 amid changes to WhatsApp's privacy policy. During the week, the number of downloads of the messenger grew by 4200%.

In November 2020, the EU authorities approved a resolution obliging messenger operators to create end-to-end encrypted keys to monitor chats and messages.