January 27, 2023

Media coverage of the project is the key to a successful ICO

Media coverage of the project is the key to a successful ICO

When it comes to achieving a successful ICO outcome, marketing becomes key tool. Each ICO marketing strategy is to ensure media coverage of the project. The press helps to convey the idea of ​​your project to people who otherwise might never have learned about a product that your team is working hard on. Bit.News constantly receives press releases and announcements from various projects and companies. So what attracts our attention? How should you present your ICO to the press to achieve project coverage?

Your main goal is to make the editor workas simple as possible. Editors, like all people, can sometimes be lazy, therefore it is better to provide them with ready-made information. Do not direct them to external sources. All information necessary to cover your ICO should be included in your offer package.


Explain why in a few sentencesthe editor should be interested in your project. Editors receive news daily, but not every news can attract attention. Explain what your project is about and why portal readers may be interested in this product.

Give entry maximum attention. Be sure to include key aspects of the value your product will bring to the community.


The mission is similar to the introduction, but it containsmore details. Add details so that you can easily understand what your ICO is striving for, what goals it pursues. The editors do not have time to guess, so do not force us to do more work than necessary.


The Team section is a great way to givethe human appearance of your project. Include a biography of leading team members. Tell us about their past experience and the role in the development of this product. Adding links to Twitter and Linkedin accounts will also be a plus.

Quotes and reviews

Include a list of relevant quotes from your team members. Editors like it when they can get information “directly”.

Similarly, if the project already has positive feedback from users, then add them.


Every amazing story is not accompanied byless amazing photo. While some news teams simply take photos from the Internet, many large media themselves develop graphics for each story.

Provide logos, video explanations.

Previous Press Coverage

For the most part, editors want to suggestsomething unique to its readers. Listing past reports helps them see how other organizations cover your project. It also allows editors to collate research from other news teams.

Press Releases

Be sure to attach a press release that is ready for publication in the offer letter. Simplify the work of editors who were interested in your project. Be sure to provide unique content.

If you received any awards or did something impressive, be sure to report it.

Make links to relevant sites, social networks (Reddit, Facebook, Linkedin, Discord, Telegram, Medium).

Contact Information

If you did everything correctly, the editor doesn’twill need to contact you. But even so, they may have additional questions. Be sure to include all relevant contact details, such as email address, website, etc.

Now that you’re ready to work with the media,send your offer package to the relevant news portals. Most news sites contain contact information that can be found at the bottom of the main page or on the contact page.

Have a nice placement!