November 29, 2023

Media: Alexander Vinnik was taken to an unknown destination

Lawyers of Oleksandr Vinnik, suspected of creating the BTC-e cryptocurrency exchange and laundering through itat least $ 4 billion, it was reported that their client was taken from a hospital in Greece and taken to an unknown destination. This was reported by RIA Novosti.

This happened immediately after the publication of the decision of the highest administrative court of Greece on the rejection of the lawyer's complaint about the extradition of Vinnik to France and the United States.

“They took Alexander from the hospital with threatsdoctors that they were “ordered to deliver him”, his fate is ignored, the Minister of Justice Konstantinos Tsiaras did not answer. It was impossible to contact him from last night. ”- said lawyer Zoe Constantopoulou.

She added that the court decision was made today at 17:00 Moscow time. According to her, everything that happened to Vinnik is "completely illegal."

“I require official information about whereAlexander is currently. As his lawyer, I do not know where he is, and I demand that I be informed and connected with him directly. He is sick on the 35th day of his hunger strike. ”- emphasized Constantopoulou.

Attorney Timothy Musatov said that he and his colleagues are now figuring out "what flight and where they are going to send him."

Recall, December 20, 2019 the head of the Ministry of JusticeGreece, Costas Ciaras signed a decision on the extradition of a Russian to France, and then to the United States and Russia. Vinnik's lawyers filed several complaints with the Supreme Administrative Court of Greece.

In January, Alexander Vinnik claimed torture inGreek prison and asked to intervene in the cause of all human rights defenders. At the same time, the Russian human rights organization Amnesty International reported that it did not deal with the case of Vinnik and did not receive any requests from him.

In turn, the children of Vinnik filed a complaint about a violation of their rights in order to prevent his extradition to France and the United States.