February 1, 2023

Max Keyser: Chinese stablecoin poses a threat to the United States

Max Keyser: Chinese stablecoin poses a threat to the United States

According to financial analyst Max Keyser, the US is facing a collapse in the economy due to China, whose procurement gold has recently exceeded 100 tons.

Keyser noted that China did not disclose the details of the project, but said:

I can tell you that the cryptocurrency thatChina is developing, will be provided with gold. This is a key point. First, China has 20,000 tons of gold. Secondly, if such a currency is issued, the dollar will collapse.

According to local media reports, the People's Bank of Chinaplans to become the first central bank to deploy its own digital currency called “DCEP” over the next six years. At the moment, very little is known about Chinese cryptocurrency. However, it is obvious that the communist state plans to become a world superpower, setting its standards on the cryptocurrency market.

A surge of interest in cryptocurrency in China has arisenafter President Xi Jinping endorsed the Blockchain technology that underpins Bitcoin. Many experts believe that it was his words that pushed the price of BTC up 40 percent on October 25.

Keyser also noted that gold is currently making a significant breakthrough in prices, but this fact for some reason goes unnoticed.

Recall that the CEO of Binance ChangpenZhao recently predicted that the price of BTC could reach $ 16,000 “in the near future” if the Chinese consumer continued to grow in cryptocurrency.