September 23, 2023

Max Kaiser: BTC will reach $ 400,000

Max Kaiser: BTC will reach $ 400,000

Renowned bitcoin maximalist and TV host Max Kaiser recently raised his forecast for the price of BTC, which he first gave in 2012.

Kaiser said in an interview on February 17 that his forecast for $ 100,000 is too modest. According to him, soon BTC may be worth about half a million dollars. He declared:

I am officially raising my forecast for the price of BTC. When Bitcoin was worth $ 1, I said that it would reach $ 100,000. Now I declare that it will cost $ 400,000.

He added:

The good news is that no matter how much BTC costs - $ 10,000, $ 9,300, or $ 100 - it still remains attractive.

Recall that earlier Kaiser said that in the future, Bitcoin will become the world reserve currency, replacing the dollar.

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