September 23, 2023

Max Kaiser: “Bitcoin can reach $ 400,000”

Popular cryptocurrency analyst and investor Max Kaiser continues to look positively at the future first cryptocurrencies. He believes the Bitcoin exchange rate could reach $ 400,000.

The founder of Heisenberg Capital, in a recent conversation with Alex Jones (Alex Jones) updated his forecast for the price of the first cryptocurrency and said that the Bitcoin exchange rate could reach $ 400,000.

Note that Kaiser has long been a supporter ofbitcoin. Even when BTC cost about $ 1, Kaiser announced that in the future the first cryptocurrency could reach $ 100,000. His prediction has still not been fulfilled, but the analyst has already raised the bar four times.

Bitcoin began to grow in early January and grew by40%, reaching the level of $ 10,000. At the same time, according to many analysts, this year the BTC should significantly increase. In favor of this is the expected halving of the Bitcoin miners' award in May.

Note that at the end of 2018, ventureinvestor Tim Draper said that within 5 years the bitcoin exchange rate will reach $ 250,000. According to Max Kaiser himself, the goal of creating the first cryptocurrency was to solve the problems of fiat money - regulation, difficulty in some countries and popularity among scammers.