February 5, 2023

Mark Zuckerberg Is Still Optimistic About the Metaverse

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Mark Zuckerberg Is Still Optimistic About the Metaverse

Metaverse CEO Mark Zuckerberg is confident that in ten years the metaverses will replace many of the usual things, so someone needs to invest in studying these technologies.

Mark Zuckerberg shared inrecent interview with his thoughts on the future of the metaverse industry. He stated that despite the huge amount of money this industry sucks out of companies, it's worth it because someone has to do it.

“I believe that on the scale of a decade thisthe concept looks completely different than in the time period - the next few years - in which we are now. I remain optimistic about all the goals that we set for ourselves, ”says Zuckerberg.

According to the head of Meta, in the long runall the funds invested in the metaverse will justify the expectations and ambitions of the companies that develop them. Moreover, in his opinion, the metaverses will become the next generation of computers - Zuckerberg doubted that in the 2030s we will use the same equipment that we use now. And someone has to invest in the study of this area, and believe in it, says Zuckerberg.

He also mentioned recent cuts incompany when it had to lay off about 11,000 employees. According to Meta's CEO, this is a necessary sacrifice as the company plans massive investments in hardware and support for its metaverse.

Earlier, the founder of Meta denied rumors that the company plans to create a closed ecosystem of its metaverse, in which only it will be able to make any changes.