September 19, 2021

Marathon acquires 30,000 bitcoin miners

Marathon acquires 30,000 bitcoin miners

Marathon Digital Holdings, has agreed with Bitmain to supply 30,000 powerful Antminer S19j Pro, for $ 120.7 million.

Marathon awaiting delivery new devices within 6 months from the beginning of next year. At the same time, Bitmain accelerated order fulfillment amid intensified competition for affordable machines.

After the deal, the public mining company's capacity will be more than 133,000 ASICs, producing approximately 13.3 EH / s.

Choosing one of the most powerful models from Bitmain with a high hash rate of 100TH / s. Antminer S19j Pro, will allow Marathon to become the largest player in the market.

As of August 1, Marathon's capacity is approximately 109 EH / s. If new devices were added to the fleet today, the company's hashrate would have covered 12% of the total mining of the Bitcoin network.

The company continues to increase its capacity amid decreasing mining difficulty. In June alone, Marathon increased its bitcoin mining by 17% from May indicators, to 256.5 BTC.

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