January 28, 2023

Malkin, passport, megalomania Sports.ru and a storm of shit

Cryptocotics, we got a shit storm here. When the SAME material was written, no one suspected that everything was so undermined on the topic of an American passporthockey player of the Malkin team. This is what the Putin Team presence does. Moreover, no one (neither me, nor Sports, nor even Dmitry Machikhin, who was the first to raise this topic) suggested that the editors of the Championship and Soviet Sport would immediately think of writing "Malkin found US citizenship !!! 111" . Nevertheless, this happened, and then everyone freaked out and ran to retype. Even the shout of propaganda of Russia Today. And then the comments went one more and more madly than the other.

Kozhevnikov: “On the contrary, it’s great that an American citizen is a member of the Putin Team. I think that not only Eugene has American citizenship. ”
Yudin: “I have long said that if a Russian, then there must be one citizenship, it is necessary to protect the country. It is not necessary to start with Malkin, before him how many people have adopted dual citizenship. Many have betrayed this before. ”
Novikov: “Malkin undermines America’s economic power”
Reztsova: “Why can officials and their children be allowed to live in America and England, but can’t Malkin? No, this is not a betrayal. "
Nazarov: “It is no secret that many hockey players have dual citizenship, including American or Canadian. We will not call by name, but many will understand who I’m talking about. ”
Morozov: “He did not betray his homeland, he took only a document”

And at the same time, the Russian agent Malkin spokeGennady Ushakov, who threw in the direction of RIA Novosti: “I don’t understand why you all care if Malkin has an American passport or not. Why should you even care? ” They say that he also overlaid the Tassovskiy Zhuro.

Ushakov’s reaction led us to think that the draftabout the passport hit the bull's-eye. And as soon as evening came in Moscow, the following info came from a journalist covering Pittsburgh Penguins: “Evgeni Malkin said he hopes to return Saturday against Edmonton. Also confirmed he got his U.S. citizenship, now dual with Russia. " That is, a US passport is available. A member of the Putin Team, if that.

Moreover, the journalist became interested in the topic.Washington Post. But not so much with a passport as with what happened as part of Mark.Space. Well, the Pittsburgh Tribune Review (https://triblive.com/sports/penguins-evgeni-malkin-pursues-u-s-citizenship-brushes-off-report-of-investment-gone-wrong/) pulled up. When asked about the possible legal consequences of kneading at Mark.Space, Malkin replied: “I don’t want like this right now. It’s garbage for me. I knew I’m a good guy. I don’t know what to say about that. A little like bit crazy this morning for me. I know it’s nothing bad for me. " That is, he is not interested, the topic is not worth attention, he is good, he will not be anything bad.

Meanwhile, the one who went head and shoulders from the fact almostSports.ru editorial staff not only lost the exclusive because of their own stupidity and slowness, they not only decided to come upon me in the person of Messrs. Polivanov and Petukhov (patients imagined themselves feudal lords), but also included megalomania to its fullest.
“Malkin has confirmed US citizenship. This was discovered by Sports.ru "- ШТООООО ????

The editors themselves not only NEVER DETECTED American citizenship from Malkin (Machikhin only hinted at this in the conversation), andeven in preparation, we were more in the way with Yegor Paraskun and pulled the cat by the eggs where it was necessary to work clearly and quickly. It seems that on the wave of the ABSOLUTELY RANDOMED for the editors of Sports, their roof finally went off. However, normal people in Sports do not linger - I hope Yegor (co-author of the material) will also dump, like many Sports Zhurs earlier, from there, after a year and a half, to a publication where they understand reality and normally pay for labor. And they don’t yell about their own greatness with a bare ass and a semi-curative edition, which even has no hockey phones needed. And access to the SPARK and BIZFILE you get tired of asking.

Oh yes, Malkin’s recognition of US citizenship means only the beginning of problems for him and his friends. Because virtually all of them are within the framework of ICOmaliciously tricked by the SEC (US Securities Commission). And the SEC, you know, is a very vindictive organization. Kolya Evdokimov from ICOBOX can confirm. And actually this is the very raisin of the story with a passport.

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