November 27, 2022

“Made a Terminator - Don’t Interfere”

Managing Partner of DTI Algorithmic Alexander Butmanov on air from Pro Blockchain on 10.24.2019 discusses trading Bitcoin algorithms and shorts, the global development of the cryptosphere and the manipulations of players in the crypto market:

“Pleasantly surprised by the strength and power of the guys with big"Cohones" who continue to push through the cue ball. If the launch of TON had not been postponed, most likely they would have met a “train”. And now they are lucky. Taking off my hat"

In the video:

  • 2:20 - Problems starting Libra
  • 4:40 - About the "cycles" of bitcoin
  • 9:50 - Is it worth it to buy bitcoin now?
  • 14:12 - About trading algorithms and bitcoin short: “Made a terminator - do not interfere”
  • 20:15 - Cryptocurrencies cease to be marginal
  • 23:09 - Fear has disappeared: the cryptosphere is developing
  • 26:03 - Players on the cryptocurrency market artificially manipulate the price?
  • 30:20 - What technologies do the millennials need?
  • The live recording can be viewed below or directly on our YouTube channel.

    Alexander Butmanov - on the operation of trading algorithms and the manipulations of players in the cryptocurrency market

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