October 21, 2020

A million kopees have chosen a driver's license on a blockchain

A million South Koreans abandoned their driver's licenses in the form of a plastic card in use of a digital alternative to The blockchain base used in conjunction with the PASS smartphone app.

This is more than 3% of the total number of drivers in the SouthKopee; According to Statista, in 2019, there were 32.6 million licensed drivers. THIS IS THE FIRST AUTHORIZED DIGITAL IDENTIFICATION CART THAT WILL BE USED ON ALL TERRITORIES OF THE SOUTH KOREA

The project was launched in May by the National Policean agent in the partnership with the ROAD CONTROL of Korea and three main telecom providers of the country SK, KT and LG U +. By the last month, 27 South Korean driver license centers used the PASS application to continue and reformulate digital drivers.

Officially accepted solution for identificationIt can also be used to confirm the age, for example, in shops with easy access and retail networks selling cigapets and alcohol. In this case, it is sufficient for users to provide a barcode or QR code in the application, non-residents of Korea will receive the English version of licenses.

Other industries, including services for the rental of cars and shared use, also consider the possibility of using the characteristics of these characteristics

South Korea is not the only country thatIt calculates the ability to transfer driver's licenses to digital formats on the blockchain. An analogous initiative was designated back in late 2018 by the New South Wales governor, who announced a trial of digital licenses on the basis of Ethereum physics.