January 19, 2021

Long-term Investments / Investments = Theory / How the World will change in 40 years?

01:10 In this "Blitz" we will touch upon the topic of long-term investment

02:00 Passive investments and index approach

05:14 How to start investing from $ 1000?
06:30 Investments: theory and practice. How will the world change in 40 years? What will happen to the companies and your stocks?
07:38 Why is the stock market a defensive tool against inflation?
08:50 The Truth About The S&P 500 Index That No One Thinks About
14:11 What if a broker goes broke? What will happen to my shares?
15:30 Let's talk about training in trading and investing. Trading courses

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Author: Vitaly Sergienko
Professional investor and trader with over 12 years of experience.
Founder and CEO of Rich Invest Group
Investment fund asset manager