December 4, 2021

LiveInvestingGroup Blog | 3 open trading webinars from LIVEInvestingGroup


3️⃣ open educational webinars from three top Live Investing traders in honor of the birthday company!

On December 1 we will be 3️⃣ years old. This is a special date for us, so we have prepared several gifts for those who are already trading with us or just following our trade.

Gift # 1:

3️⃣ days of training with the pros - November 29, 30 and 1December at 19:00 everyone will be able to take part in free training webinars from Evgeny Domrachev, Artem Kendirov and Sergey Alekseev. Live our pros will tell you how to swing your deposit on various trading platforms.

November 1-29: Evgeny Domrachev and Artem Kendirov - Shares, Moscow Exchange.

November 2-30: Artem Kendirov - Cryptocurrency, Binance exchange.

December 3-1: Sergey Alekseev - Futures, Moscow Exchange.

Gift # 2:
For those who have waited all year and dreamed of getting ontraining - 20% discount on all courses of the School of Trading. Choose teachers, choose a course and join the stream for the best price of the year. We will provide a promotional code for a discount at the end of each webinar.

Gift # 3:
For those who planned to get on the Maximum course,we have prepared an exclusive offer. On the first day of the webinar, November 29, our teachers will tell you about it. Connect and be the first to know about everything!

⁉️How to get to webinars?

❗️Variant 1. You can register using the link so that we will send you a reminder by mail or SMS.

❗️Option 2. Wait for the announcements - on the morning of the webinar day we will make a reminder and a few minutes before the broadcast we will post a link to the webinar in a post. You can follow this link and get to the lesson.

Learn from the pros and trade with the Live Investing team!

Join live streams and trade with us.

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