March 4, 2021

Litecoin forecast for 2021: more practical than Bitcoin

Litecoin is closely related to bitcoin, and depends on its course. But there are some distinctive features: centralized control, high speedtransactions, low commission for financial transactions, ease of making transfers. Thus, litecoins are more practical than bitcoins and claim to take the place of cryptocurrencies for settlements, rather than storing funds.

The opinions of specialists on the prospects for litecoin vary. Some believe that it will lose popularity and leave the market altogether, while others predict the most dynamic takeoff of all cryptocurrencies in 2021.

My prediction: litecoin will move in the general upward trend of cryptocurrencies. On the monthly chart, we see a wide range of $ 25-332 per coin.

Litecoin forecast for 2021: more practical than Bitcoin

Now litecoin has reached exactly the middlerange, and risks bouncing down. There is such a possibility if the cue-ball goes down. But nevertheless, most likely the cue ball will continue its upward movement, fundamental factors - the crisis that has not ended, indicate this. Consequently, Litecoin will overcome resistance, and, within a year, will reach the area of ​​historical highs. But it will not exceed.

The Ichimoku indicator indicates a nascentan upward trend, the Tenkan line crossed the Kijun line from the bottom up. The Ichimoku cloud is not too thick. This, albeit with a delay, but often breaks through. And also, very often, in such situations, the path after breaking through the cloud is approximately equal to the path of the price from the minimum to the PRS line.

I am predicting a maximum of 2021 litecoin at332. I will buy on the intraday free buy signals of the StormGain exchange, and move the stop to breakeven if the price is sufficiently removed to the profitable zone. I will make a reservation right away that I buy after a correction on the timeframe for 1 day, and only after the correction.