June 17, 2024

Libra digital currency prepares to launch core network

Libra digital currency prepares to launch core network

The organizers of the Libra stablecoin project presented a report on their achievements after five months.the moment of the first announcement and the month since the signing of the charter of the Libra Association.

As the main focus of their activities, the organizers mention the formation of a global community of developers and the creation of a technical infrastructure to support it, as well as:

  • Attracting community members to prepare for the launch of the core network by creating a publicly accessible detailed technical roadmap;
  • Developer Testing Encouragementthe functionality of the Libra network by launching and constantly improving the testnet. Since the restart on September 17, the test network has recorded over 51,000 transactions;
  • Simplification of interaction between developers and the Libra project team by developing tools on GitHub, etc .;
  • Training developers with any experience and level of training to work with the Libra network by constantly publishing documentation and technical information on blogs;
  • Encouraging developers to find and fix bugs using a bounty program.
  • Seven weeks after the launch of the testNetwork developers are already developing 34 projects, including 10 wallets, 11 blockchain reviewers; two integrated development environments (IDEs), one application programming interface (API) and 11 clients.

The publication also mentions the Libra Core Summit,which was held with the participation of members of the technical team of the Libra Association and aimed at attracting new people to the project. In the future, the organizers promise to continue to hold such events where all developers will be able to discuss the existing problems and opportunities of the Libra ecosystem.

The next step in the development of the project will beproviding developers with early access to the preliminary version of the main network (pre-mainnet). Currently, this network already has seven active nodes, another 14 are in preparation for launch, eight of which are not controlled by the technical team.

In 2020, a strategy will be launched to provide nodes to those organizations that are not involved in the technical development of the project. This will happen soon after the Libra Core core functions are approved.

In addition, on November 26, a simplifiedthe process of connecting new developers to the project under a voluntary developer agreement (CLA), which must be signed by anyone interested in the technical development of the project before they can add code to the Libra repository on GitHub.

In accordance with the roadmap was carried out andthe preparation of the canonical serialization of Libra, a minimally viable product (MVP) for the full node and vectors in Libra's own programming language “Move” has been completed.

The organizers note that preparations for the launchthe main network will require well-coordinated community work, for the formation of which a technical steering committee (TSC) will be established in the coming months. He will coordinate coordination on behalf of members of the Libra Association.

“As a Libra developer, you are extremelysignificant participant in the project. We are happy to go this way with you and everyone else in our wide community of developers. We will wait for further progress towards the launch of the main network ”- conclude the organizers.