June 25, 2024

Libra Developers Set Network Launch Date For 2020

Libra Developers Set Network Launch Date For 2020

The developers of the Libra project have published the second roadmap for the software implementation of Libra Core, which lies inbasis of the new network.

According to the publication, in the foreseeable future, they intend to focus their efforts on three aspects:

  • Launching the main network functions in priority order;
  • Definition of criteria for the transition from the stage of the preliminary main network to the main network;
  • Training the Libra community to attract new contributors to the project.

The developers note that they fit into the deadlines,indicated in the first roadmap. So, the study of all the basic functions was completed to ensure the completion of the main network, and all teams went to the stage of execution of tasks entrusted to them. In addition, significant attention is paid to community members interested in obtaining information about the project and its improvement.

“We are currently working on a full set of documentation for the Libra protocol architecture and are completing external APIs with the participation of the community.”They say.

Currently in the preliminary versionThe main network has already launched eight validator nodes. For project members who are not directly involved in its technical development, a new strategy has been developed to connect to the network as separate validator nodes. Despite all sorts of simplifications, such participants will have to hire a separate technical specialist or resort to the help of third-party companies to launch the node.

“In the future, we will focus on motivating organizations to join the Libra Association, further increasing the size of the network and moving to a self-service model”- Developers say, adding that the first members of the association share the view that the Libra network should switch to this model in order to be able to scale up to 100 members.

“As we approach the launch of the associationit will be necessary to determine metrics that will allow its members to assess whether the Libra blockchain is ready to start (the decision to publicly launch the network will be made by voting in the association’s council). We need to determine success metrics and identify dependencies. We opened a discussion about this. In the second roadmap, we will begin to define these metrics (technical and non-technical in nature). ”

Also on Thursday, Reuters reported that one ofThe five members of the Libra Association Governing Council, Patrick Ellis, expressed confidence in the project’s ability to start in 2020 according to the previously outlined plan, despite pressure from regulators.

"Yes. Yes, it will start. ”- Ellis unequivocally answered the question of the publication.

At the same time, he acknowledged that the scale of the launch will directly depend on the success of further negotiations with the authorities.

“To date, the strategy for the market or product, or the method of its immediate launch has not been defined”, - he said.