May 28, 2023

Libra developers complete core network design

The developers of stablecoin Facebook Libra, whose launch is scheduled for 2020, have published the second road project map.

“We finished the design of the main network and thought out all the necessary functions. At the moment, all the development teams are directly involved in programming, ”the roadmap says.

According to the statement, in the Libra test network already8 nodes work to confirm transactions, and by the time of launch, the Association should have about 100 members. Some of them will participate in the development of stablecoin, while others will have to hire a blockchain specialist or company to launch their network node.

In addition, members of the Association will determinewhether the project is ready to launch. According to the developers, it is necessary to carefully calculate all possible problems, and for this special metrics will be developed.

Recall that recently the Libra Association made changes to the technical document on the stablecoin project, including the lack of dividends for investors.