June 16, 2024

Libra cryptocurrency project forms steering committee

Libra cryptocurrency project forms steering committee

The Libra Association, which oversees the development of the stablecoin of the same name, has formed a new committee that will deal withtechnical issues.

According to the announcement of January 16, the Libra Associationvoted to create a technical steering committee of five people - leading experts from various companies, as well as representatives of the fintech and blockchain industry.

Committee members include Libra Product ManagerCore George Cabrera III, co-founder of Anchorage, Diogo Monica, Union Square Ventures partner Nick Grossman, CEO and founder of Bison Trails, Joe Lallows, and R&D director for humanitarian aid at Mercy Corps, Rick Shreves.

The committee will manage the drafting of the technicalthe Libra roadmap, will form a working group to identify priority research areas, will guide the development of the code base, general development issues and interact with the Libra developer community.

The Libra Association claims that the creation of the committee is consistent with the key objectives of the project to ensure decentralization and self-government, "beyond the control of any organization."

Committee promises to publish framework programin the direction of technical development until the end of the first financial quarter of 2020. It will include “the processes by which the community of open source software developers can propose technical changes to the network, and a transparent process for evaluating such proposals.”

Libra stablecoin is expected to launchuntil the end of the year. After the announcement last June, the project organizers faced a significant rejection of world regulators, but subsequently expressed their willingness to follow the previously outlined plan.