November 27, 2022

Libra Association publishes second roadmap for project development

Libra Association publishes second roadmap for project development

The Libra Association has published its second Libra Core software development roadmap.

According to The document, developers, companies and consumers will be able to create their own projects on the Libra blockchain through a system created on the basis of open source software.

In its first roadmap, released inIn October, Libra claimed that at first 5 developers would be involved in working with full nodes in the testnet, and as expected, 100 more partners would join it before launching the main network.

According to the new roadmap, developers will now focus on three main areas:

  • development of most basic functions forthe main network, including full nodes, has already been completed and further actions of the team will be performed in priority order. Their work will consist in creating a complete set of documents of the Libra protocol architecture, as well as in creating application network interfaces (APIs).
  • focus will be on defininga series of metrics regarding Libra Core, the Libra protocol, wallet, and other elements to determine success and identify dependencies according to the roadmap.
  • association takes steps to increasetransparency and encouraging the Libra community to contribute to the project. The roadmap claims that the Libra team is currently looking for product comments around the Libra infrastructure and API directly from client developers.
  • The association promised to provide updated information about the project through the Libra developers blog and the GitHub planning system.