June 18, 2024

LG is developing a cryptocurrency wallet

LG is developing a cryptocurrency wallet

LG Corporation has begun developing its own cryptocurrency wallet. Most likely the applicationwill include several solutions based on blockchain technology.

LG has applied for the registration of a trademark called ThinQ Wallet. The document indicates the main functions of the software:

  • Providing information on monetary transactions;
  • the provision of financial services;
  • sending and receiving money transfers;
  • deposit insurance in virtual currencies;
  • transaction authorization and settlement service.
  • ThinQ Wallet product line will beconsist of several types of cryptocurrency wallets: mobile, software and hardware. The LG ThinQ trademark (LG SmartThinQ) was registered in 2017 and includes various programs using artificial intelligence technology that are installed in the operating system of household appliances and smartphones (LG V30S ThinQ).

    Many leading electronics manufacturers are interested in the crypto industry. For example, HTC released the Exodus 1 mobile blockchain phone, and Samsung integrated the crypto wallet into the Galaxy S10 smartphones.