February 4, 2023

Lexus unveils its first production electric UX 300e

Lexus unveils its first production electric UX 300e

Lexus introduced the electric version of the UX crossover, which looks practically the same as the original version.

Despite the absence of significant changes indesign, its filling radically changed. In the UX 300e model, the engine was replaced by a 201 hp powerplant. and a 54.3 kWh battery. Mounting and cushioning are also improved.

The claimed capacity indicator is low, but the automaker claims that the charge is enough to travel up to 400 km, depending on traffic conditions.

Outwardly distinguish a new option from the fuel can only beinsignificant details, which include aerodynamic wheels and a smooth bottom, but these are the most noticeable visual changes. On the street, it will be easier to recognize by the artificial sound of engine noise when driving.

The first Lexus UX 300e electric cars will appear on sale in 2020 in the Chinese market, and from 2021 in the European.

The auto industry is undergoing enormous changes, and in the next decade, cars will change more than in the last century.