September 26, 2022

Laya Heilpern: "Central Bank Digital Currencies Should Terrify People"

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Laya Heilpern: "Central Bank Digital Currencies Should Terrify People"

Cryptocurrency influencer and podcast host Laya Heilpern called central bank digital currencies a tool for governments to control people.

Beyond Cryptocurrency Podcasts Laia Heilpern(Layah Heilpern) is also known for her Bitcoin book Undressing Bitcoin: A Revealing Guide to the World’s Most Revolutionary Asset, which was released in September 2021.

In a recent interview, Heilpern expressed her opinion aboutlarge-scale testing of government stablecoins, saying that in the future, CBDCs will impose financial censorship on citizens. Heilpern believes that blockchain-based digital currencies of central banks can be created in such a way as to "accomplish the whims" of centralized authorities.

"Programmable money, controlledstate should scare you. If because of censorship people can be silent about some things, then with money it is easier for the government to cover people with a cap. This is similar to the restrictions once imposed by the authorities on unvaccinated people - government cryptocurrencies can only be spent on buying certain things, ”said Heilpern.

She is sure that even if CBDCs arepositioned as digital currencies that are safe for the environment, they will still not be able to solve the problem of rising inflation. According to the TV presenter, money is the energy that feeds people's lives, so programmable money should alert any sane person.

It is noteworthy that recently suchfears are beginning to arise among other participants in the cryptocurrency industry. Earlier, the CEO of the ShapeShift trading platform, Erik Voorhees, said that the digital currencies of the Central Bank can be used for general surveillance of the population, violating the privacy of citizens and their right to privacy.