December 2, 2023

Law on blocking email and instant messengers in Russia

Law on blocking email and instant messengers in Russia

The Federation Council revealed the goals of creating a bill that provides for complete blockingemail users and instant messengers, and also clarified some details.

Federation Council against “telephone terrorists” (!)

In an interview with TASS, one of the authorsthe bill Lyudmila Bokova, who also authored the sovereign Internet, spoke about the goals of adopting a new initiative. Thus, the state wants to fight the so-called "telephone terrorists." These are people who spread false messages about mining of various objects, more often than not via email.

However, the real motives for creating suchlaws can be much closer to Russian realities, because you can get a lock for the distribution of all information prohibited by law. Given that the vagueness of our laws allows us to interpret almost any phrase as forbidden, the authorities will be able to easily block any objectionable people.

Bokova also said that the blocking will not last forever - the law will provide forthe ability to restore mail and accounts in messengers.Strange indulgence, given the potential harm fromaccording to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, cited by Bokova, one report of a bomb attack on a shopping center costs taxpayers 2 million.In total, the number of such reports exceeds 2 thousand, and the damage throughout the country is being estimatedhalf a billion rubles.

Indeed, to fight “telephone“terrorists” is necessary, but our authorities are putting on their next show: under the auspices of the fight against terrorism and protecting citizens, they are promoting another tool to “shut up” people they don’t like. How will this work in practice — It’s not clear, because in the case of mail you can simply create a new account in a few seconds. It will be much more difficult with instant messengers, because they are tied to a phone number. Perhaps in Russia they will still introduce Email registration using a passport, as previously planned.