April 25, 2024

Large-scale Berlin hard fork in the Ethereum network will take place before the end of June 2020

Ethereum developers are already quite actively discussing the Berlin hard fork, the launch of which should take place before the endJune 2020

PegaSys startup product manager Tim Beiko said the following:

“Given that the ice age is beginning in July, if we want to adopt a new model and launch hard fork on the third Wednesday, then we probably need to update the main network no later than the end of June”

On GitHub, you can see a list of offers being considered for a future update. Among them:

— ProgPoW (EIP-1057), designed to increase the efficiency of Ethereum GPU mining to counter ASIC miners and, accordingly, increase the degree of decentralization of the network;
— EIP-1380, EIP-2045, EIP-2046 - updates related to changes in gas prices for various operations.
— EIP-1985 - optimization of the Ethereum virtual machine.

Recall that at the beginning of December it is planned to update the Ethereum main network called Istanbul.