January 28, 2023

Large cryptocurrency exchanges want to enter the Ukrainian market

Large cryptocurrency exchanges want to enter the Ukrainian market

Head of the Council of the Ukrainian Association of Venture and Private Capital (UVCA) Andrey Kolodyuk spoke about interest in entering the three largest cryptocurrency exchanges on the Ukrainian market.

Although the representative of UVCA did not mention whichThe sites in question, according to him, “several world cryptocurrency exchanges” are considering the possibility of legally opening a representative office in Ukraine. Kolodyuk considers the creation of a legislative framework and the regulation of the digital asset market in Ukraine a priority issue that must be resolved in order for foreign exchanges to work in the country.

Foreign investors are primarily interested in the possibility of obtaining a work license and the possibility of legal cooperation with banks that support crypto transactions.

Recall that soon the Ukrainian government willA bill on taxing industria was considered, as well as a bill classifying cryptocurrencies and tokens. The documents also prescribe the rules for servicing crypto accounts in banks and the requirements for compliance with AML and the latest FATF recommendations.