Jul 3, 2022

The major spa company creates a cryptocepvice

The woman' special, the special one, was used to make a mistake. The preparation of the special quality of the quality of the company, which will be used to make the life of the xpanity of the preptos.

The company headquartered in Madrida has over 160000 employees around the world; in 2019, its net profits reached almost $ 190 million. "Launching a comprehensive solution for managing digital assets and storage" will help the company improve the report.

The new subsidiary company has received the name Prosegur Crуpto, it will provide services for the storage of cryptocurrency and key management for institutional investors.

Prosegur is the leading security service provider in Spain, which takes over the lion's share of the markets in Brazil and Germany and enhances its presence in Portugal and Portugal.

The new solution of the company will be available to financial organizations, state institutions, management of funds and investments, as well as family investment companies.

Top platforms can also use its services to manage digital assets, including sending and receiving transactions to blockchain networks.

In addition, customers will be able to get access towe will use our mobile application, which will provide "the highest safety standards". Mainly due to the fact that Prosegur is the world leader in this sphere and has already developed new solutions in the area of ​​cryptocurrency security.