May 28, 2023

Kosovo police confiscated 174 ASIC miners from Serbs

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Kosovo police confiscated 174 ASIC miners from Serbs

The police of the partially recognized Republic of Kosovo confiscated 174 ASIC miners from Serbs living in the north of the republic.

As emphasized in the message of law enforcementauthorities of Kosovo, the consumption of electricity by areas where Serbs live has increased significantly in recent years, and they are in no hurry to pay for electricity.

Thus, four municipalities in the north of Kosovo, where mostly Serbs live, consume 372 GWh per year. At the same time, in 2017, consumption was 267 GWh, and in 2011 - 214 GWh.

The amount of unpaid bills for electricity andwater supply in these municipalities exceeded $330 million. And, as Artane Rizvanolli, the Minister of Economy of the Republic, emphasized, the practice of non-payment of bills attracts underground miners:

“The possibility of electricity theft attracts suchillegal entrepreneurs. Therefore, Serbia is preventing the implementation of the energy deal. We have fulfilled our obligations and call on the other side to do the same.”

As part of the fight against the theft of electricity, the Kosovo authorities announced a ban on the production of cryptocurrencies in the country back in 2021 and began to prevent the smuggling of equipment.

Law enforcement agencies are also tryingprevent illegal mining of cryptocurrencies. These 174 ASIC miners were found in the city of Leposavich. This is a predominantly Serbian city - Serbs make up 97% of the population.

Earlier it was reported that the cost of cryptocurrency mining equipment in Russia increased by 15-20%, and in some cases up to 30%.