June 7, 2023

Kharkiv Digital Conference will be held on November 29

Kharkiv Digital Conference will be held on November 29

On November 29, Kharkiv Digital conference will be held in Kharkov, at which experts on blockchain and digital transformations will share their invaluable experience in advanced technologies that are already working today.

The key feature of Kharkiv Digital ispromotion of innovative technologies and popularization of approaches to digital transformation. The purpose of the event is to create the strongest Digital community in Ukraine, attracting the best technical specialists, including professionals from Kharkov.

Why is it worth attending the conference? The answer is very simple - the organizers invite speakers to speak who know how to interest and inspire, know how to introduce real technological innovations!

Kharkiv Digital is the meeting place forinnovators who want to improve the digital world around them. First of all, attending the conference will be useful to those who are associated with blockchain, finance, IT industry, entrepreneurship, as well as all those who are interested in global innovation trends.

You can find out more about the conference here.

Venue: UNIT.City Kharkiv, st. Academician Pavlov, 271.

Start of Kharkiv Digital - November 29, 2019, 10:00.

Organizer - Distributed Lab, UNIT.City Kharkiv