December 9, 2022

Kaspersky Lab Launches Blockchain Platform for Voting

Kaspersky Lab Launches Blockchain Platform for Voting

The Moscow company Kaspersky has demonstrated a service for remote voting based on the blockchain, which could potentially change the rules of traditional elections.

Decentralized voting platform,created by Kaspersky Innovation Hub and its Polys subsidiary, allows voters to vote through a smartphone or laptop and double-check their voice using a web application.

The new product provides a safe and transparent platform for voting in organizations, educational and government institutions.

New digital polling stations will beuse Polys technology, which greatly improves their reliability and efficiency. The polling stations are equipped with a voter code activator, voting terminals and printers that print data. The equipment makes it possible to vote on the spot using a QR code or token. The system counts and encrypts the voice immediately after it has been cast.

The presentation of the company noted:

Polys Voting Machine are devices that do notthey only increase security and transparency in the current format of the electoral system, but also significantly reduce the costs associated with vote counting and additional resources.

According to the developers, the system is almost ready and soon it will be "ready to work in all of Russia."