February 1, 2023

Juventus Italian football club releases token for fans

Juventus Italian football club launches Socios platform token with which fans can take part in polls and polls.

The cost of one token is € 2, and a certain number of tokens can be obtained for free through the augmented reality function in the Socios.com application - “Token Hunt”.

According to Juventus, in the near future, token holders will have the opportunity to vote for a song that will sound at the stadium when one of the Juventus players scores a goal.

“We are pleased to be one of the first clubs tofound another point of contact with football fans from around the world. Partnership with Socios means that we are ready for technological innovation, ”said Giorgio Ricci, Juventus Sales Director.

In turn, the founder of Socios.com Alexander Dreyfus noted that eight years later, Juventus fans will finally be able to take an active part in the club’s life, starting with choosing a new musical composition to celebrate the victory as an important component of any match.

“Fans can be proud of having their say in this legendary event,” added Alexander Dreyfas.

Blockchain is actively introduced in the field of sportsgames. Recall that in April, the West Ham United English football club began to cooperate with the Socios platform by issuing its token for fans. In addition, in June, the Portuguese club Benfica began accepting cryptocurrencies to pay for souvenirs.