March 29, 2023

Juventus Football Club launches blockchain collectibles

The Italian football club Juventus has long been selling various collectibles for fans. The other day, the club announced the appearance of such items in digital form.

Now fans can buy digitaltrading cards on the Sorare blockchain platform. They are ERC-721 tokens based on Ethereum and tell the story of various club players, for example, Cristiano Ronaldo.

At the same time, users can not justcollect cards, but also use them in a game available on the platform. Fans will be able to create teams and put them up for competitions, as well as exchange cards with other users. Cards can also be sold, and some rare items cost more than $ 2,000.

“We are very pleased to sign an agreement with sucha major Italian club. We believe that this is the next step in our development and creation of the best football blockchain game in the world, ”said Nicolas Julia, CEO of Sorare platform.

Recall that last year, the Italian football club Juventus issued a token on the Socios platform, with which fans can participate in polls and polls.