March 4, 2021

Justin Sun will buy $ 10 million in GameStop shares

Justin Sun will buy $ 10 million in GameStop shares

The Tron founder announced that he would buy $ 10 million worth of GME shares as soon as the Asian market opened.

Justin Sun decided to support the WallStreetBets move and buy stocks that have been discontinued by several major exchanges, including Robinhood. On his twitter, he wrote:

At first I planned to invest $ 1 million, but this is not enough. When the Asian market opens up, I will buy GME for $ 10 million. It's time to team up and push the greedy hedge funds out of the market!

The WallStreetBets community quickly picked up the news, expressing their gratitude to Sun. In addition, they posted an overview of the Tron cryptocurrency in their telegram.

This led to a sharp pump in the price of the coin. For an hour, the price of TRX increased from $ 0.025 to $ 0.044. It seems that this was San's plan.

However, as of January 30, the TRX price has retreated to the $ 0.3 mark.

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