July 25, 2021

John McAfee found dead in a Spanish prison

John McAfee found dead in a Spanish prison

John McAfee found dead in his jail cell in Spain hours after his approval extradition to the United States.

The regional police of Catalonia have confirmed reports that 75-year-old McAfee was found dead in Brians 2 prison near Barcelona late Wednesday.

The Justice Department said in a statement that prison officials and doctors tried to save the life of the 75-year-old man, but to no avail:

“Forensic staff have been sent to the prison and are investigating the causes of death. Everything points to death by suicide. "

McAfee's lawyer said McAfee apparently hanged himself in his jail cell.

McAfee was arrested last fall at Barcelona International Airport.

On Wednesday, Spain approved McAfee's extradition to America for crimes identified in the 2016-2018 tax indictments.

McAfee himself did not admit the charges, claiming that they were fabricated and politically motivated.

McAfee's personal life often caused no lessinterest than his professional achievements. He tried twice to run for President of the United States and was a participant in the 2016 Libertarian Party presidential debate.

In 2015, McAfee was arrested in the United States for drunk driving and possession of weapons.

In 2019, he was arrested in the Dominican Republic for traveling on a yacht carrying large-caliber weapons, ammunition and military equipment.

In March, he was indicted in federal court in Manhattan for the Pump and Dump scheme, a cryptocurrency he promoted on social media.

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