February 1, 2023

John McAfee Decentralized Exchange Opens

John McAfee Decentralized Exchange Opens

American entrepreneur and crypto enthusiast John McAfee launched his own decentralized exchange on the Ethereum blockchain. The exchange will begin working in beta today, October 7th.

On his Twitter page, McAfee said thatgovernment control over fiat currencies limits the freedom of citizens, while decentralized exchanges no one can limit or control.

According to the stated information, registration onThe McAfee exchange does not require passing a KYC audit, accepts residents of any jurisdictions and charges a single commission for takers in the amount of 0.25%. The exchange will not charge a fee to the makers and will have an open source code.

All tokens of the ERC-20 standard will be added to the platform without commission.

In a video published on October 5, McAfee urges the crypto community to use precisely decentralized exchanges to achieve freedom and independence from states.

As previously reported, decentralized crypto exchangers work semi-automatically or automatically and allow users to fully control their own funds.

As of January 2019, decentralized platforms account for only 19% of the global exchange ecosystem, and their trading volumes account for less than 1% of the total.

In April of this year, Binance, a large centralized exchange, launched its own DEX in its core network. Decentralized platforms also plan to launch OKEx and Bithumb exchanges.

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